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Jay Hurst
This collection of paintings and drawings by award winning artist Jay Hurst has something for everyone. Even at 115 illustrations, the book represents a relatively small selection of Jay’s work from the last thirty years. Ranging from Science Fiction illustration and surreal fantasy to still life, landscape and political commentary. Jay’s close observation of nature is often described as ‘worthy of a Dutch flower painter’ while his portraits are ‘reminiscent of a renaissance master’. One chapter focuses exclusively on his drawings of the historic buildings and environs of the city of Chester. Inside it, you’ll find much to delight and amaze the eye. With a foreword by multi-award winning Science Fiction and Fantasy artist Jim Burns. For more of Jay’s work see:

Price of book: £24

104 Pages

Published by Gordon Emery in April 2022

ISBN: 978 1 872265 71 1

This art book is a diverse collection of paintings and drawings representing a relatively small selection of Jay’s work over the last thirty years, from his early Science Fiction and Fantasy illustration to still life and landscape. His celebrated drawings of the historic buildings and environs of the city of Chester are of particular interest for those familiar with Chester’s Tudor style architecture. One feature of Jay’s work is the sheer diversity of subject, approach, technique and composition arising from his continual and restless search for new ways of expression and his pursuit of excellence. “Jay Hurst's Visions is such a richly diverse collection of images (accompanied by some neat insights such as that cathedrals recreate forests within cities). Here we have echoes of the chiaroscuro of Caravaggio or Gentileschi making savage political points for nowadays. We have Böcklin's Isle of the Dead hauntingly intersecting decaying sheep's horns, yielding medieval memento mori. We have the science fiction of ragged astronauts riding bright balloons like bubbles into outer space where air allows flight. We have harvest festival still lifes, and wild men becoming leaf-wreathed. We have incisive portraits and landscapes sometimes nodding at Andrew Wyeth. We have gorgeous art deco and draftsmanly historic architecture. A cornucopia indeed.” -- Ian Watson, author of the Screen Story of Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence.