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The Tides of Chester, A guide to
Where and when to see the bore and high water
John Holt
Includes a guide to the Riverside Promenade Trail to Telford's Warehouse, a mile downstream.

Price of book: £4.95

24 Pages

Published by Gordon Emery in August 2019

ISBN: 9781872265759

The Tides of Chester are driven by the celestial dance of the Sun and Moon, aligning on a fortnightly cycle. A dome of water is raised in the Irish Sea which sweeps into the Dee Estuary creating the bore and high water at The Groves. In this full colour booklet, the author describes the factors that influence the bore timing. The higher tides overtop the weir to flow upstream, raising the water level along the banks as far as The Iron Bridge in Aldford. The booklet is full of data associated with this tidal phenomenon and the Dee catchment area. Photographs of the bore at different downstream location are given and a table to calculate the bore timing (for higher 10m tides) in relation to a local tide table. At the weir is a venture into the Fish Trap building where gauges send data online and there is a sedated salmon, being weighed and tagged. A sequence of tides, captured by the gauges, is shown and their nature discussed. A photographic journey along the Chester Riverside Promenade Trail is given with facts about each location along the route. The route then ventures inland to the Wirral branch of the Shropshire Union Canal and the hub at Telford’s Warehouse. Finally, in “Future Tides”, the author warns of rising sea levels and speculates on a solution, one that would also reunite the now separate canal and river waterway systems and be of benefit to local businesses and the community at large.