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Sonnets to my Goddess in this life and the next
(The Prize-Winning Volume Expanded)
Philip Higson
This collection of sonnets to the poet's great Love began as a single-part one published in 1983, gained a David St. John Thomas award in 1996. After her tragically early passing ten years later it soon acquired a substantial second part. Higson, a former lecturer at Chester, has written more sonnets than Shakespeare.

Price of book: £12.00

116 Pages

Published by The Friarswood Press (Cestrian Helicon Imprint) in 2002

ISBN: 9780952583561

Pub: Cestrian Helicon
This Collection of sonnets addressed to the author's great Love gained a David St. John Thomas award in 1996 when published two years after her decease; but it has expanded considerably since and the number of poems written to her in the Beyond has grown to equal, perhaps significantly, that of those written to her before she abandoned this life. It is appropriate that the author should have chosen to launch the collection in Chester, for it was there that he met his 'Goddess' and they actually became engaged in Chester Cathedral. Perhaps, too, it is fitting that on such an ancient and hallowed site he should in this age of faltering faith throw his weight as a reputable scholar behind belief in a spiritual and posthumous dimension. Some opinions of this book: '... a feast for lovers of poetry, with its sensuous metrical phrasing its richly inventive imagery, its artful and various rhyme patterns...' M.L. McCarthy, Editor of Candelabrum Poetry Magazine 'The quality of the emotion and the quality of the craftsmanship are equally remarkable...' Dr. Alan Raitt, Magdalen College Oxford 'I deem it a masterpiece' Isée St. John, Vice President of the Baudelaire Society