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Ut Pictura Poesis: Pictorial Poems
Philip Higson
Look at centuries of art through the eyes of a poet. Transposing artefacts from some two thousand years of history, this collection of poetry includes such varied elements as classical and neo-classical paganism, religion as a source of inspiration and persecution, the eclectic abundance of nineteenth-century art, the challenge from photography and film.

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105 Pages

Published by The Friarswood Press (Cestrian Helicon Imprint) in 2004

ISBN: 9780952583585

Forced to abandon an outstanding artistic gift when he left school, the author soon found alternative fulfilment through poetry and particularly the writing of 'transpositions' from the art of others. In this volume he has for the first time gathered these together and arranged them roughly in chronological order of the works transposed. Beginning with classical and medieval sculpture and architecture, he proceeds via the Renaissance and later developments to the twentieth-century crises of figurative art in the face of photography, cinema and challenges from within art itself. His repeated transposition of images drawn from some two thousand years of history (for he is a history Ph.D., F.S.A. and F.R.Hist.S.) has produced an extremely varied mosaic juxtaposing the spiritual and the erotic, the civilized and the barbarous, the innocent and the perverse.