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Death in Chester
Roman Gravestones, Cathedral Burials, Martyrs, Witches, The Plague, Horrible Hangings, Gruesome Deaths and Ghostly Goings-on
Roy Wilding
Tombstones, martyrs, tales of hangings - a little light reading before bedtime perhaps?

Price of book: £18.00

160 Pages

Published by Gordon Emery in 2003

ISBN: 9781872265445

Explore the hidden mysteries of the lost Roman tombstones. Experience the scourge of the Black Death's devastation of the city. Meet the people who lived and died around the Cathedral Square. Endure the stories of horror and dreadful death in old Chester. Discover the pandemic that killed more folk than the Great War. Roy Wilding's informative tales also tell of the witches buried by the castle ditch , burning at the stake, coroners' verdicts, sudden executions, interesting and unusual memorials, and the occasional ghost.