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Chester Walls
Discover the Roman and Medieval Walls
Gordon Emery
After curating the Chester Walls exhibition for 3 months in 2015, Gordon has gone on to produce this guide to the walls complete with history, a walk around the walls and the walls chronicle. Jay Hurst the resident artist produced the cover illustration and the frontispiece.

Price of book: £2.95

24 Pages

Published by Gordon Emery in April 2017

ISBN: 978-1-872265-77-3

The Roman walls at Chester (DEVA) were first built of turf but then rebuilt in stone by the XX Legion. On the legion's return from Hadrian's Wall the fortress walls were rebuilt, this time sometimes using flat gravestones from outside the fort, thus preserving them until they were discovered in the 19th Century. In Saxon times the walls were extended then extended again by the Normans who built their castle in the southwest corner of the city. Nowadays visitors can easily walk right around the 2 km wall or just a quarter section. This guide explains the many features on the way. Look for the tower where King Charles watched his troops after the Battle of Rowton Moor; the amphitheatre; the house built with and entrance for sedan chairs; the River Dee and the Cathedral. Walk above the old Chester Canal where, 140 years ago, American writer, Henry James saw burly men in smocks and breeches. Look across at Moel Famau in the Clwydian hills and find the story of its tower. Be careful not to suffer the fate of Ann Edge who fell over the edge in 1719. Enjoy a coffee at the Walls Tearooms by the Northgate or Alexanders beer garden. Watch the races at the oldest course in England or stop off in the main street to shop.